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In this section you will find out about the different ensembles that I'm involved in.  Click on each one of them to find out about the literature they focus on, the bio's of the different members, and the current programs, while you enjoy listening to a track of music.  If you would like to hear more music, check out the downloads section, where you can listen to some MP3's from the different ensembles.  For the ensembles Quadrivium and Sospiri Ardenti, go directly to their websites www.quadrivium.net and www.sospiri.com.  If you would like to download a printable flyer (in PDF-format) or a photo ready for publishing (JPEG-file), you can find them all in the downloads section.   


  Geert Van Gele Solo

As a soloist I perform an array of different programs: contemporary, mixed, as well as two different Bach programs. Check out Programs while listening to a music excerpt




Solo with String Quartet

Together with the young string Quartet, Quatuor Thais from Brussels, we can offer two different programs. One with Guy Penson on keyboard, and one with just the string quartet and recorder. In both cases we perform the first contemporary (and very tonal) literature created for recorder and string quartet, dating back to the 1950's and 1960's. 



Recorder Music of Janpieter Biesemans

In his long standing career as a  composer,  Belgian born Janpieter Biesemans has created a whole catalog for the recorder.  His music is uniquely divers in such a way that Biesemans is capable of transforming his musical language like a chameleon changes color.  Biesemans finds his inspiration to do so in different cultures in which he emerges himself totally, while composing. This program offers a sample of these unique qualities.



  Duo Van Gele - Penson

My 'oldest' sparring-partner is keyboard player Guy Penson. Since '95 we have been performing exciting programs: strictly early music as well as mixed!   Read more about this duo, while listening to music

To check out their new programs for season 07-08, click here, while listening to some music.


  Duo Van Gele - Taylor

Together with Bill, we set up the ensemble for medieval music Quadrivium (see below). As a duo we have been performing for about ten years, bringing the different historical harps and recorders to our audiences.  Check out their program by Clicking here, while listening to some music.



Duo Van Gele - De bruyn

In this duo program featuring recorder and lute/baroque guitar, pearls of instrumental music from the Low Countries are showcased. This lovely repertoire is today hardly ever heard, yet its directness speaks to an audience in the manner of today's singer-songwriters, whether caressing a melody, or spinning a virtuosic tour-de-force.  (read more while listening to a music example).



Duo Van Gele - Delahanty  

  1. Featuring recorder/harpsichord and voice. Their program "Theatre of Music" consists of early 17th-century gems coming straight from the heart, revelling in the emotional intensity and expressivity of the early baroque.
    Geert Van Gele (recorder/harpsichord) teaming up with soprano Ellen Delahanty, give a dramatic performance in which the works of Henry Purcell, Matthew Locke, Biagio Marini and Giulio Caccini are vividly brought to life.
      (read more)


  Sospiri Ardenti

A fresh and surprising ensemble focusing on musical theater from Renaissance and Baroque. Two gorgeous singers, lute and recorder/harpsichord. Go check out their reviews at their website, www.sospiri.com.

Listen to some music and watch the video of their first children's opera on their multimedia page.




Ensemble for medieval music, featuring voice, harp/psaltery, recorder/organetto and lute.  Please visit their  website www.quadrivium.net

Listen to some of their repertoire on www.quadrivium.net/downloads.htm